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Rainwater Harvesting

 What is Water Harvesting ?
Capturing runoff from rooftops
• Capturing runoff from local catchments
• Capturing seasonal floodwater from local streams
• Conserving water through watershed management

Benefits of Water Harvesting……….
Provide drinking water
• Provide irrigation water
• Increase groundwater recharge
• it saves money spent on buying water from tankers or private suppliers.
• Improves quality and quantity of groundwater.
• Recharge dead borewell.
• A rebate of 6 per cent on property tax has been offered as an incentive for implementing rainwater harvesting systems. 

We (VWS) can do it For You….
• VWS Install Rainwater Harvesting system for….
1. Home,2. Building & industry,3. colony,4. village & form.
• Yearly maintenance for RWH system.
• Complete solution for water filtration.
• Technical support for Rainwater Harvesting and Ground Water Recharge.
• All three types of RWH system Installation.
• Water Testing & treatment services.

Industrialize Water Recycling Plant.
• Boring Service (get Free Rainwater Filter)

Other Services of Water Industry :
Boring Service (get Free Rainwater Filtekr) and Water Recycling Plant.

Cost of RWH System:
4 inches A1 Filter Rs.1500/- (without Installation Only Filter Prise)
5 inches A1 Filter Rs.1750/- (without Installation Only Filter Prise)

6 inches A1 Filter Rs.3000/- (without Installation Only Filter Prise)
4 inches B2 Filter Rs.900/- (without Installation Only Filter Prise)
5 inches C3 Filter Rs.800/- (without Installation Only Filter Prise)
in all conditions Registration will be free.
                                                              These all are PVC pipe filters.
But cost can be increase. If  PVC tank filter will use. Which is required
For big size of catchment area. like industrial area ,school, college etc.
                                                              Cost also depends on number of
Output points, sanitation cost, labor charge, technician charge, types of
Filters. and type of Water Harvesting System.
1.      System No.1 catchment to filter than Borwell.
2.      System No.2 catchment to primary storage+filter than borwell.
3.      System No.3 catchment+primary storage+filter+secondary storage+ borwell.
4.      System No.4 Water Harvesting with big Storage tank only. 
System No.1 is Normal Roof Water Harvesting (RWH) system in low
Cost. but other three systems cost can decide after technical inspection.   
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